Interior Design

Using contemporary interior design to give newly created or existing spaces their own special character is one of dau design’s main areas of activity. When architects take on the role of interior designer and decorator as well, they have a wide variety of tools at their disposal for articulating and implementing their style and your dream.

In earlier decades and centuries, architecture was largely defined by structural factors such as high ceilings, light-flooded courtyards and exposed beams.

Nowadays, clients tend to prefer more functional, rational floor plans and layouts – especially in the case of commercial buildings, a category that includes hotel and spa complexes. When the technical, structural elements of a space take a back seat, aesthetic and artistic factors come to the fore.

Interior design has therefore taken on an increasingly important role in giving spaces a distinctive character. And it’s not just the ceilings, walls and layout that give a room its special look and feel; furnishings – like a centrally positioned element, for example – can also be used to create structure and give the room character.

dau design’s interiors are a harmonious blend of enduring design and rigorous functionality – for spaces and buildings that are as timeless as they are fascinating.